The Z Axis: Continuum is a 2D puzzle action platformer. Available 7/31/2018 on Steam & Xbox One.



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About The Game

Escape a bizarre world by rotating the universe. Use portals, physics, time, and clones as floors become walls, walls become ceilings, left becomes down, and right becomes up. You manipulate time and space at will, but do you have the mind to solve the warped reality that imprisons you?

Play the 2D platformer puzzle game inspired by Portal which started off as a popular little jam entry and has since blossomed into the 30 level reality-defying monstrosity that it has become. All levels are carefully handcrafted (not randomly generated) to challenge even the most seasoned puzzle platformer fan's understanding of physics, time, and space.

No one escapes the Continuum untested.

Available July 31st 2018 on Steam and Xbox One. Single player. Supports both keyboard and controller (recommended).

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The Z Axis: Continuum